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Hi There, I'm Xiaoyu Ji A Product Designer
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I’m a product designer with 3 years of work experience in Health and Financial industries. Deeply interested in human psychology and sociology, I partner with data analyst and researcher to turn insights into better user experience. And through experiments and iterations, I learn about human and the world. My work mainly focuses on:
Behavior Change
I help people change small things like giving up a late afternoon coffee for a better sleep, or for a few more bucks in their bank account. These baby steps will build on one another and lead people to better mental or financial health.
Simplifying Complexity
A million things to choose from and mountains of data bring us more stress than freedom. I help make sense of the data and provide personalized insights to help people choose, take actions, and feel more confident about themselves.
Building Trust
Both Health and Finance deal with very personal information. I strive to create trustworthy experience and deeper understanding by keeping users’ best interest at heart.